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“Coronavirus will end in May”, astonishing predictions of a 14 year old Indian boy


The new coronavirus, covid-19, will end on May 29, said an Indian boy who correctly predicted it would start 8 months ago.

On August 22, 2019, on his conscience YouTube channel, Abighya Anand, 14, predicted that the world would enter a difficult phase from November 2019 to April 2020.


This 6 month period will see the spread of a global disease and the rise in global tensions. At the height of everything, March 31 will mark the climax of this state, the world being tense.

However, on May 29, as Earth moves away from this difficult period, it will mark the decline of the global disease, as its spread will be more manageable.

Anand, the young ignored astrologer Anand, is a famous Indian protégé who has been featured in many magazines. Notably in 2013, he was interviewed on the Indian Times where his astrological skills were put to the test. And to the amazement of many, his knowledge of astrology was considered child’s play. He rightly, using astrology, predicted the prices of gold and silver and other activities related to India.

Togo / Coronavirus: the Beninese patient who fled the Lomé-commune CHR justifies his act Why does Anand consider March 31 as the highlight based on astrology? According to his remarks, this day, Mars will join Saturn and Jupiter while the Moon and Rahu, will also be conjoined. Rahus is the northern node of the Moon.

This is a rare event because in astrology, Mars Saturn and Jupiter are considered to be the most powerful planets because they are all on the outer ring of the solar system. Therefore, when they are all aligned, their power over the earth is enormous.

As for the conjunction Moon and Rahu, it is also very powerful since the Moon is considered as the planet of aqueous diffusion. As for Rahu, he is considered to be the communicating planet. Regarding the aqueous spread, he notes that coughing and sneezing will occur mainly at this time, thus spreading the disease further.

It is therefore essential to observe social distancing during this period. Between March 31 and April 1. Coronavirus: the remains of Manu Dibango cremated in Paris As for May 29 according to his astrological understanding, the axis will be broken, and therefore the planetary arrangement more favorable to healing. From this moment, cases of reduction of the disease will be reported. As for the economy, the slowdown should end in November 2021

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