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Initiation Into the Order of the Gnostics


The meaning of the word initiation is “to start something.” The Order of the Gnostics believes that everyone must start their paths with the conscious decision that they want to enlighten their lives and purify themselves in order to become better men and women. The main purpose of our Order is to help people like you from all around the world, do just that. To work together as a team, with each one of us on our own independent paths to self initiation, discovery, and gnosis.

The Order of the Gnostics was created to assist you in carrying on your own Great Work. To aid in the evolution of you, and in turn help evolve this world. By doing so, we know that together we can help make our world a better place then we found it, and quite possibly create a heaven on earth together for future generations.

Sexual energy

You see, every single one of us has a divine soul waiting to be discovered. Maybe you are like me and on your own quest for knowledge, truth and gnosis, and that is why we have crossed paths on our journeys in this life. Either by fate or design, I have been able to use my words to connect and resonate with you. As it has been said, “Everything is energy and like attracts like.”

Anyone that has the true desire in their hearts can become an initiate into Gnosticism and live as a modern Gnostic. It does not matter your race, gender, religion or country. The main goal of the Order of the Gnostics is that we believe everyone can achieve gnosis, truth, reason, love, and live in the light while also maintaining a life in the modern material world as we know it.

To be a modern Gnostic who uses modern gnosis to operate in our current world, does not mean that we must live and study like the ancient Gnostics who had come 2,000 years before our time. Living in the past is not the path of a true modern Gnostic. Their old world and our modern society are in two different eras of time. While we will always honor these ancient teachings and masters who have went before us; we seek to live in the present and create new Gnostic teachings based in the modern world.

As Manly P. Hall had said, “Into this band of the elect–those who have chosen the life of knowledge, of virtue, and of utility–the philosophers of the ages invite YOU.”


You Are Your Own Grandmaster

“The religious experience moves inevitably from the congregational worship toward an inward communion. No matter how desperately sects and creeds attempt to oppose the concept, religion finally becomes a personal, spiritual experience. Each person must find their own faith and must find it within. Religious systems may supply us with the instruments of this personal quest but cannot accomplish the quest for us.” – Manly P. Hall

I believe that I can help you further along on this journey to the light of Gnosis, and there is a reason why we have been brought together on the world-wide web through the golden thread of time. As the founder of the Order of the Gnostics, I do not call myself the Grand Master of the order. What I have learned on my own personal journey in life is that you are your own Grand Master, and it is you who must master yourself to the best of your abilities.

I’m simply here to serve you to the best of my abilities and talents with self-sacrifice, and to help you along your own path with selfless devotion. Nothing more, and nothing less.

If your wish is to become truly initiated into the secret ancient mysteries of truth, the occult and gnosis to one day become a mystic or adept yourself; let it be said that you first must have good intentions, a loving heart and earned the divine merit in order to enter the heavenly kingdom of light. In addition to having these essential divine attributes, you must also put in the years of necessary work to attain true knowledge, reason and purification in order to obtain the pure intellect to conjoin yourself with the great initiates of the past who have went before you. Their words, like their souls are immortal.

Let me please be clear that you do not have to be perfect and free of faults to be a Gnostic.

Sons of light

Each of one of us is on our own paths, and we have our own faults and issues that we must deal with. No one is perfect and free of faults. Even the alleged modern gurus who may act or claim to be infallible are by no means perfect souls and free from sin.

How we deal with them, want to change or accept them, is all up to us individually. Perhaps accepting our faults while doing our best to change them and not being too hard on ourselves is the best course of action. Self perfection has nothing to do with wisdom, gnosis or initiation. Perfecting ourselves and purifying our lives is just one large part of the process, but it is not everything.

A true initiate is a noble soul who has become cognizant to their inner selves within a material world of chaos, illusions, conspiracies and the age-old war for their souls. They have come to the realization of the hidden ancient world inside of themselves, and they have taken back possession of their true power. The initiate has found his or her soul in order to journey down the path of gnosis and evolution. They have become a Gnostic Warrior who is working at developing their own soul weapons such as concentration, inner vision, intuition, creativity and synthesis of their divine powers.

You see, to be truly initiated into the secret mysteries is to connect with your higher power in order to become enlightened to who you really are. To connect your soul and body to the light to become one. To shed the false destructive ego of your animal body that was shaped by the material world.

In Hinduism the first Initiation is called the Re-Birth, the Self as the centre in the sthula-upadhi, the physical man, has to harmonise itself with the life of the cosmic centre, the divine nucleus called the Adhibhuta. It has to expand itself so as to embrace the whole field of the divine manifestation, and thus to be really the Son of the Father, and one with Him. It has to know itself, as the term Adhibhuta indicates, as that Life, which embraces the world of being—the life in which all beings exist.

This is why Jesus had said, “Knock, and it shall be opened to you.” You see, this door is hidden deep within you, and only you can knock on this door to open it.

All true initiations occur by your own actions on the spiritual and intellectual level, and this work can only be done by you.


Let it be said once and for all, that there are no secret societies or grand masters on earth that can bestow upon you the true secret mysteries and light without you doing the proper work on yourself that is required first of all initiates. It does not matter if you have all the special books, thirty-two degrees, a magic sword and/or a magic wand. Once you realize you are your own grand soul master and solely responsible for yourself in every aspect of your life, this is when you take back the soul power you may have unconsciously given to someone else, or that you never found.

To join an occult organization or secret society does not mean you are a true initiate in the secret mysteries. When you are initiated into a secret society or order, you are initiated into that specific group. These are simply not true spiritual initiations into the secret mysteries and Great Brotherhood of Light, and you will never arrive to such spiritual heights unless you do the required work that all great initiates have done in the past.

With that said, a legitimate secret society, order or wise teacher can help you on the journey to self initiation. This is what the secret rituals and mysteries in many societies are intended to aid in this process of gnosis and self initiation. Our goal with the Order of the Gnostics is to help you make this a reality.

There are no short cuts, secret passwords, books, priests or grand masters that will do this for you. It is simply a journey of the spiritual self and finding your own true gnosis, that you arrive at the steps of the heavenly kingdom of light and truth in which you find the ultimate treasure, YOURSELF! Your true self and soul is within you waiting to be discovered, understood and to express itself. To journey out into the world to be the light with the great work of your soul, and join the initiates of the past.

33rd Degree Masonic philosopher, Manly P. Hall had written about this fact in The Secret Teachings of All Ages; “The criers of the Mysteries speak again, bidding all men welcome to the House of Light. The great institution of materiality has failed. The false civilization built by man has turned, and like the monster of Frankenstein, is destroying its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of theological speculation. Science batters itself impotently against the barriers of the unknown. Only transcendental philosophy knows the path.

Only the illumined reason can carry the understanding part of man upward to the light. Only philosophy can teach man to be born well, to live well, to die well, and in perfect measure be born again. Into this band of the elect–those who have chosen the life of knowledge, of virtue, and of utility–the philosophers of the ages invite YOU.”

Manly Hall further elaborates on this;

His work is to do, to act, to express himself in some way – constructively if possible, but destructively rather than not at all. Without action, he loses his great work; without tools, which symbolize the body, he cannot act in an organized manner. Consequently, it is necessary to master the arts and sciences which place in his hands intelligent tools for the expression of energy. Beauty is the keynote to his ideal. With his concrete ideals he must beautify all with which he comes in contact, so that the works of his hand may be acceptable in the eyes of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Action is the keynote of the Entered Apprentice lodge. All growth is the result of exercise and the intensifying of vibratory rates. It is through exercise that the muscles of the human body are strengthened; it is through the seven liberal arts and sciences that the human mind receives certain impulses which, in turn, stimulate internal centers of consciousness.”

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