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Mysterious Cubes With Unknown Inscriptions And Symbols Discovered By Fisherman


A magnet fisherman was very surprised when he accidentally reeled in 60 mysterious cubes covered with unknown inscriptions and symbols.

Will Read was out with his two sons at a river in Coventry, UK when they made this puzzling discovery. Why did all these cubes end up in the river? What is the meaning of the inscriptions and symbols? How old are these peculiar objects? These are some of the questions Reed is now trying to figure out.

Reed does not want to disclose the precise location where he found the cubes, but when the returned to the spot he also found a silver coin there.

“We were out magnet fishing as our daily activity in lockdown and we were at a relatively isolated spot. At first, we found keys and pennies and other bits and bobs and then we looked down and saw what we thought were tiles.

I was live-streaming to friends on Facebook and I bent down and started picking them up. I also thought they might be rocks. I showed them to the camera and as I looked back more and more kept appearing,” Read told Coventry Live.

Read’s first impression was that the cubes were just random pieces of debris, but later he learned the engraved lead squares are believed to be connected to a mystical Hindu prayer ritual.

Eager to learn more about the curious objects, Reed posted images of the cubes on Facebook.

“There were all sorts of stories flying around at first, the cubes really captured people’s imaginations,” Read said.

“What I learned is that they are Indian in origin and they show incantations for prayers which take effect when they are thrown in running water.”

According to Coventry Live, “other than a different face on one side, all of the cubes are identical, possibly because they contain a numerical formula to summon the protection of Rahu, described by the Shrivinayaka Astrology website as a planet with God-like powers.

Rahu’s sphere of control includes thieves, magicians, snakes, poison, jails, and isolated places, according to the resource.

Responses to the pictures on social media suggest the characters are in Sanskrit, the liturgical language of Hinduism, and show ‘yantra’ – mystical diagrams that are used for worship.

One of the most likely explanations comes from a beach combing website, where one contributor describes similar finds of “numerical planetary yantras made of solid lead.

Mysterious Cubes With Unknown Inscriptions And Symbols Discovered By Fisherman

Credit: Will Read 

A numerical formula contained within the cubes is said by the finder to relate to Rahu.

Worshippers who place the “so-called magic square” in running water receive his protection from “hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness and deceit”, according to the contributor.”

It seems the mysterious cubes are hiding some secrets. They may be related to Hinduism, but it’s still unknown why there were thrown into the river, by whom and how old they are.

Written by Don Wood

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