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We Were Warned: The Three Days of Darkness


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My father was in a coma for 2 days and had a near-death experience. He had to fight off the devil and he barely managed to do so. As he fled he came upon a ladder and climbed up. He kept climbing until he reached the clouds and saw a pair of sandaled feet coming toward him. He looked up and it was Jesus telling him it wasn’t yet his time and he woke up in the hospital. Seeing the ladder on this scapular reminded me of this which happened earlier this year. Conspiracy Hamster

This is my personal opinion, but it becomes rather hard to wear ever single medal and scapular put before us, some you can’t even find. We need not to put our focus on the item, as much as we do what the item represents, which is a consecration to Mary and Jesus in one form or another.

Mary has appeared under many different titles but it is still the same Virgin Mother, correct? Wear a blessed scapular or a medal such as the Miraculous Medal, pray the rosary (which has promises as well) and the Divine Mercy Chaplet , but most of all, Love Jesus and Mary and trust in them, they aren’t going to ignore you if you aren’t wearing the correct scapular.

A medal or scapular is a sign of commitment, or an oath, of trust in God’s Mercy and Love and the power of Mary and her Immaculate Heart. God Bless. The New Knights Templar.
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